Facebook e3-e4 hiring freeze?

Microsoft / Eng ISSA_party
May 20 9 Comments

I’ve been getting interview calls from everywhere but Facebook. Do they have a hiring freeze going on?
Background: 2 yoe at msft


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  • Facebook / Mgmt

    Facebook Mgmt

    2 yoe is too much for e3/e4 at fb. E3 is strictly new grads from bs/ms, e4 new grads from phd. No industry experience hires at levels below 5
    May 20 5
    • Facebook / Eng Impact Guy
      That is incorrect. E4 is experience hire
      May 20
    • Microsoft Vbsm66
      I don't think this is completely true, I think they can hire at E4 for industry hardware positions.
      May 20
    • Facebook gluteus
      May 20
    • New amafang
      False! I will be interviewing for E4 soon. ~4YOE
      May 21
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      False, just got an e4 offer, 2.5 years experience
      May 21
  • Amazon y4k
    Yes. Things are slowing down. But let the recruiter knows you have other offers at hand. That will open a door.
    May 20 0
  • Google printasap
    Now is the new grad season. Hence they might have slowed down E3/4 hiring.
    May 20 0
  • Nvidia wagecuck
    They may have frozen you out.
    May 20 0