Facebook e6 sde responsibilities

Amazon genjutsu
Apr 18 5 Comments

Sde 3 , thinking of applying , reading through blind it appears to be super stressful, curious on what does a typical e6 do differently from other companies


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  • Facebook jimmorison
    If it helps I turned down the E6 promo this half..its stressful and risky, but if you are already seasoned SDE3@amazon and on your way to become principle, you should be good enough for E6
    Apr 18 1
    • Amazon genjutsu
      Thanks , what causes the stress , is it deadline pressure or constant iterative modifications to existing plans/designs, this is what i an not getting a clear hang of
      Apr 18
    Congressional hearings will cause stress.
    Apr 18 0
  • Amazon genjutsu
    Without revealing team, here is the rest
    -2 years as sde3
    - It has been great so far , can be exhausting/grinding at times, especially around operations/KTLO
    - Most of the day is spent in meetings/design reviews
    - Wish i could code more
    Apr 18 0
  • Expedia / Eng

    Expedia Eng

    Im considering a similar kind of role with Amazon.
    Can you please help me understand:
    - How has been your experience as SDE3 in Amazon?
    - How does your day look like?
    - How much time have you spent as SDE3?
    - your location n team

    Please message me privately if you feel that could reveal your id.
    Apr 18 0