Facebook in trouble?

Apple bossfired
May 9 14 Comments


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  • Goldman Sachs / Other not_D Sol
    Smoked Protein Fibers
    May 9 0
  • Microsoft leetworld
    Yawn. FB will be fine.
    May 9 0
  • Google wpxjsb
    May 9 0
  • Uber bobaboi
    Yes! Only Instagram will survive
    May 9 0
  • F5 Networks RRA
    See? He's just like us. ☝️
    May 9 2
    • Lt Commander Privacy Data's positronic brain is improving by leaps and bounds. By next year, he'll be able to feign empathy.
      May 9
    • F5 Networks RRA
      That's Lore in the picture, not Data!
      May 9
  • Facebook gEKd54
    Ouch because someone who was there ten years ago and is nowhere as successful of influential has a negative opinion from the outside like many other random people have?

    Not sure I follow
    May 9 0
  • Apple bossfired
    His backyard seems small ;)
    May 9 3
    • Ascension Health / Eng

      Ascension Health Eng

      What about his TC? Lowballed?
      May 9
    • Yeah.. but he owns all surrounding backyards.
      May 9
    • That's what you get in Palo Alto as one of the richest people in the world. A Brady Bunch house from the 60s.
      May 9
  • Accenture FairWorld
    Hughes is corrupted somewhere. He's trying to hide it.
    May 9 0
  • ConocoPhillips 8&z
    Facebook has been in trouble for years.. doesn’t seem to matter
    May 9 0


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