Facebook level 7 PM comp expectation?

Walmart.com / Product INtS72
Jul 17 8 Comments

Am about to get comp numbers in a day or two. Any idea what a good comp is?

TC: 230/69/125


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Uber tnnb
    🌲 fiddy
    Jul 17 3
    • Pinterest dugbeixha
      Can you come up with something new ? It’s not funny anymore. The most annoying and stupid comment..
      Jul 17
    • Pinterest dugbeixha
      Much better. Although I assume not that many numbers for lvl 7 ;)
      Jul 17
    • Uber tnnb
      Oops, deleted by accident. www.levels.fyi.
      Jul 17
  • LinkedIn d4Vinci
    Come on man, you know the rules: TC or GTFO
    Jul 17 2
    • Facebook BeingCoder
      Seriously. They ain't post no TC and expect us to give info.
      Jul 17
    • Walmart.com / Product INtS72
      Didn’t realize, am new to blind...updated now
      Jul 17
  • Google iiik
    From Walmart to FB L7. Very impressive if true
    Jul 18 0