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HP / Strategy shr02
Mar 28 7 Comments

Have a phone interview coming up for Growth Program Manager, GMS partnerships. Any guidance on the process? What do they typically ask? What and how should I prepare?


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  • Facebook netgar
    If it’s your first call it’s just a phone screen to feel you out. If you’ve already done that then they’ll get into a few buckets of questions: your technical skills, “behavioral” skills, how you work with XFN, etc. Think of many examples of how you had impact in your career (not just what you did, but what it resulted in/what it meant) as you will be asked to recall scenarios. We say a good candidate will have one anecdote or answer but a great one will be able to answer the same question, different ways with different examples which signals a depth of experience to draw from. Last: if you want to know extra info about the company perks, salary, level, etc ask the recruiter not the interviewing team (the recruiter should also be able to help you prep).
    Mar 29 0
  • HP / Strategy shr02
    This role is in the Facebook Marketing Partner Program team, GMS Partnerships. The JD doesn’t say anything about coding but mostly experience around product management, business strategy, growing the program in terms of revenue, #of participants and advertisers.
    Mar 29 2
    • Facebook netgar
      Yeah you won’t be coding in that role.
      Mar 29
    • HP / Strategy shr02
      Could you guide me on what are some of the things I should be preparing for this role then ? Or if you know someone who is in a similar role and can help me ?
      Mar 29
  • Apple / IT IWgi56
    Leetcode baby
    Mar 28 1
    • Nvidia bdei51
      It would say in the email if it was coding
      Mar 29
  • Wells Fargo hsLy13
    Coding for TPM(Program Managers) in FB?
    Don’t think so. Only Google have coding round for TPM.
    Mar 28 0