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Facebook product sense interview mock or tips?

eBay tgrj57
Jun 29

I have a final round of the Product Sense interview coming up for a Product Manager position at Facebook.

I have cleared the all other rounds already.
The feedback from my onsite for product sense was that I needed to identify problem worth solving first. Hence they asked for a repeat.

So I am struggling to understand if I need to break down the ambiguous problem that they present to me better or if there is something else that is expected and how to approach it without completely losing structure.

Does anyone have tips on how to approach identifying problems in the product design/sense problems? Or where I could practice these questions and get appropriate feedback?

I would love to have a mock interview with a FB PM.

Willing to buy you lunch or pay as well.



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  • Spotify BrfG18
    The short answer is to 1) use a framework 2) describe the framework you're planning to use to the interviewer after you ask your clarifying questions 3) tie almost everything you say to the Facebook mission and to the goal you set for your product/feature.

    The standards are higher for on-site than for the videoconference screens. I did great during the phone screen and bombed the on-site because I over-rehearsed and slept poorly the night before the interviews. You will probably get asked "How would you improve Facebook?," so maybe play that one out a few times.
    Jul 63
    • Zendesk lPay62
      What frameworks did u use?
      Jul 6
    • Spotify BrfG18
      Sorry for the slow response. Try googling "product design interview frameworks." There's one called the CIRCLES framework that I borrowed from, though I refined it a bit for myself because I'm personally really bad at brainstorming until I've really narrowed a problem down.
      Jul 11
    • Zendesk lPay62
      Thank you, I have been practicing circles...and yeah I definitely modify it to fit the problem
      Jul 11
  • Zendesk lPay62
    Not an expert here, but will chime in

    Need to look at your problem statement and evaluate following:
    1. this a growing trend? What’s the potential market size, growth rate etc. these will simply be a discussion not numbers or %. You just want to show that you are going after. Growing market or trend eg: stories format for publishing/consuming content or ride sharing for going from a to b etc...

    2. Competition: simple discussion on why FB could win given existing players. Don’t forget- inertia is also a big competitor. If relevant talk about barriers of entry and your unique differentiation

    3. Resources: are there existing synergies between your solution and exciting product offerings and user base.

    These three points and generally good for taking a simple problem and stating on why that is an opportunity FB should jump on.
    Jul 20
  • Oath OPnd70
    Did you end up getting an offer?
    Aug 90
  • Amazon / Eng


    Amazon, Lyft, Uber, Roblox
    What’s the interview standard to get to an offer? Will it require every interviewer to recommend you? Or majority?
    Jul 60
  • Google qsqt04
    Get better at strategic thinking. Don’t just dive into mocking something out.

    Take the problem, break it down into components, talk through each component with respect to business/engineering/strategy.

    From that give a summary of trade offs and specify a conclusion on how to move forward. THEN start designing.
    Jun 300
  • American Express Boopz
    For product sense - you can try breaking down a lot of FB widgets to understand “why” X or Y was built.
    Jun 300
  • American Express Boopz
    Sounds like they’re asking about how you would define metrics and how you would prioritize different features. There are a few different frameworks out there to help with this
    Jun 300

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