Facebook stock refresh how much

Amazon / Eng lolll
Oct 24, 2017 3 Comments

Hi FB engineers (e3 and e4), I'm curious how much stock refresh you get every year. Obviously i know it's case by case but I just want to get a general idea. I'm comparing FB and Google offers and I would like to understand, beyond the initial offer, which company pays better long term, on average.


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  • Facebook / Eng Lol-
    Join fb stock has higher growth potential. For E3 I believe it's 40k and e4 is 70k. If you perform you can get upto 3x.
    Oct 25, 2017 2
    • Microsoft / Eng Moo 🐷
      Vesting over 4 years or?
      Oct 25, 2017
    • Facebook / Eng Lol-
      Oct 25, 2017