Facebook the shadiest company into existence?

Glassdoor jnzI58
Jan 30 11 Comments


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  • CGI nike1
    How is that shady? They paid people for that data and the people clearly knew Facebook would be able to see their activity since they were being paid.
    Jan 30 4
    • Sprint UyrR86
      But did they pay other people who were connecting with the ones who were paid ?? Pretty sure if a non paid person sent texts or communicated with the paid person, had their data collected as well. Hence the whole thing is shady. It’s a massive breach of trust.
      Jan 30
    • CGI nike1
      Yeah if that’s the case I agree. I’m not sure what the full story is honestly haven’t really researched it.
      Jan 30
    • eBay / Eng

      eBay Eng

      Isn’t it also against wire taping laws in two party consent states?
      Jan 30
    • Canonical jpcD43
      They also violated Apple terms by using their internal enterprise certificate to sign applications for external use.
      Jan 30
  • AppLift


    So facebook is shadier than all of the banks that screwed over millions when the housing market crashed and LITERALLY put people on the streets. Or walmart that exploits its workers? Ok....
    Jan 30 1
  • No, definitely Google is because they have been collecting hordes of data without consent for years via search, tracking and android.
    Jan 30 0
  • Google L7@AWS
    Opaquedoor is shadier imo
    Jan 30 1
    • Starbucks / Eng FbVa21
      Jan 30
  • Intel movaxbx
    The average person wouldn’t know what data was being taken. They get a license to steal what you aren’t aware of. Then with the bullshit of being able to see your friends data. Seriously fkd
    Jan 30 0