Facebook vs Amazon Offer Comparison

National Park Service / Creative arb0
May 3 19 Comments


I've received offers from Facebook and Amazon, please advise:

Facebook E6 M1
Location: FB LA
Base: $225
Bonus: 20%
RSU: $950k
Signing: $100k

TC: $507k

Amazon L6 SDM
Location: Seattle
Base: $157k
Sign-On Payment: $400k
RSU: $520k

TC: $410k

When factoring in CA CoL and Taxes, the net is almost identical.



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TOP 19 Comments
  • LinkedIn CR7!
    A real no-brainer. Poor attempt at masking the flex
    May 3 0
  • Google lmk90
    I'd go to LA over Seattle any day, even with equal TC
    May 3 2
  • Microsoft


    LA is pretty equivalent to Seattle for COL. Difference in taxes is about 10%.

    I'd take the FB offer.
    May 3 1
    • Microsoft The Dude😎
      FB LA is in West LA which is significantly more expensive. It’s on par with SF - looking at 2k more a month CoL on average. When combined with higher CA taxes it’s about the same net TC.
      May 7
  • Facebook Pbuj80
    These 2 positions are different levels if you didn’t know that. Amazon sde starts from 4.
    May 3 1
    • Microsoft The Dude😎
      levels.fyi indicates that L6 SDM == E6 M1. They appear to be the same level?
      May 7
  • Unity asdfzxcvq
    FB would also give refreshers irrespective of how the stock is doing. Amazon won’t.
    May 3 1
    • Microsoft The Dude😎
      Amazon gives refreshers if they need to
      Maintain your comp or if you’re doing great. There’s an annual performance review.
      May 7
  • New / Other AuntHilda
    Do you know about Blind polls?
    May 3 0
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    May 4 1
  • Uber gougo
    Fb E6==amazon L7
    May 3 1
    • Microsoft The Dude😎
      levels.fyi indicates that L6 SDM == E6 M1. They appear to be the same level?
      May 7
  • Amazon / Product giju14
    Dude there is no refresh for amzn for four years for 95% of people. Your comp will drop after four years unless you get at lease to L7 which is not even fair as you can grt promoted in FB as well. Perks are also not comparable and m1 is between l6 and l7. I honestly think this is a no brainer
    Jul 5 0
  • Microsoft The Dude😎
    Hey folks - any other input here? Many of you seem to think it’s a no brainer despite the comp being equivalent. Just wondering why?
    May 8 0
  • Microsoft The Dude😎
    Thanks everyone for your input. I’m op I just had to have a friend post for me because of all the sensitive snowflakes flagging me for stuff.

    I agree that all other things being equal, FB is a better offer and opportunity and company. Given the locations of the two offices I think the net TC is basically the same.

    I’m already in Seattle so it just comes down to do I want to deal with the BS of a giant move like that.
    May 7 0
  • Qualtrics / Sales

    Qualtrics Sales

    Microsoft, Qualtrics
    FB hands down. Also what's it like to work at National Park Service?
    May 3 0