Facebook/Google Onsite Scheduling

Apple / Eng cho Chang
Jul 22 7 Comments

After the onsite round of the interview process, Facebook and Google have more steps like the hiring committee and, in Google’s case, product matching and executive review.

So, to maximize the number of job offers you get at the same time, should you schedule F/G onsites a little before onsites at other companies to leave time for their extra steps, or at the same time as onsites at other companies?

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TOP 7 Comments
  • Microsoft Tattle
    If those companies are your preference, wouldn't you want to schedule them in the end? So that you get plenty of practice?
    Jul 22 1
    • Amazon Oh Hi Mark
      He says it in his post

      To maximize number of offers at the same time
      Jul 22
  • Sizmek Ba74!-?-
    Facebook is very quick
    Jul 22 1
    • Microsoft / Eng SwitchJobs
      Like phone interview to offer within a month?
      Jul 22
  • Microsoft ufhudv
    Do it a month before. Google is very, very slow.
    Jul 22 1
    • I tried to schedule my Google interview and they scheduled it a month out after 2 weeks of waiting, so 6 weeks after I was told I got the on-site. Then there's the hiring committee, team matching, so probably another month out. Google is very slow.
      Jul 22
  • Facebook Decoupled
    FB is indeed very quick, much quicker than Google. On-site to offer in less than a week is pretty common. Can be even faster if you have a deadline.

    Schedule Google the last. They're slow af.
    Jul 23 0