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Facebook’s Pre-Birth policy

Amazon alfalfa
Nov 22

Hi everyone, can someone please share Facebook’s pre-birth policy? I know it is four months post delivery. But I’m not sure what it is before the birth.

Can you leverage any of the unlimited sick days off?
Are there in California programs that kick in?



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  • Microsoft *cW2x91p
    Facebook does not hire pre-birth.
    Nov 222
    • Amazon alfalfa
      What do you mean by that? Isn’t it discrimination do hold an offer based on a pregnancy?
      Nov 22
    • You have to be born before they can hire you.
      Nov 22
  • The i comes pre-r
    Nov 221
    • Amazon alfalfa
      I am confused. Are you spell checking me or talking policy? :)
      Nov 22
  • New / Eng


    Facebook, Google, Amazon
    Working on my own project after grinding on some killer teams
    If you’re a woman, you the month before your due date off as well as your 4 months. So 5 months total. Full pay.
    Nov 221
    • Facebook / Eng435
      This is correct, but it’s a california thing, unsure about the rest of the country (assuming US)
      Nov 24
  • New / EngAussieSWE
    If you have to go out early with pregnancy complications, most likely you will go on state disability. It’s about 60% of your wages but there is a max. Most likely FB would offer some additional financial support. Wishing you the best in health. :)
    Nov 220

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