Failed Salesforce Video Phone Interview, how long to reapply?

Workday 987wd
Jun 28 12 Comments

Title says it all. Failed a video phone interview in November, how long to wait to reapply again?


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  • Facebook ExPo20
    You're probably better off at workday
    Jun 28 7
    • Salesforce / Eng Astro’s
      As someone that works at Salesforce, this is true but it depends on which team. Also you will end up on a team that does no work or does a shit ton of work.
      Jun 28
    • Salesforce iusx32
      Nice blanket statement that can apply to any company. Especially for someone who is at Facebook lol
      Jun 29
    • Facebook ExPo20
      Umm, I think OP interviewed at Salesforce not FB. If he had at FB, I'd tell him about FB. Although you have to admit Einstein is bullcrap and you know it. Analytics cloud was a failure from day 1. Also quip suckw balls. What's good? Maybe Sales cloud, but even that is mostly used as a database these days.
      Jun 29
    • Salesforce iusx32
      It was behoove you to step back and think about the lack of any intelligent thought you put into your baseless statements. The op was asking for career advice and you feel it’s appropriate to state random facts and troll other users. Most likely you will do nothing but perhaps this will help. Have a good weekend.
      Jun 29
    • Facebook ExPo20
      Wut? Lack of intelligent thought? That's your best argument? I specifically raised some high profile projects that went nowhere. Not trolling or stating random facts, someone from Salesforce even said that they mostly agree with some variation. Looks like you love to live in denial. Salesforce is just a marketing and sales company with some tech bells and whistles.
      Jun 29
  • Zebra Technologies hAyI56
    Op can you share your interview experience?
    7h 0
  • Salesforce / Eng Astro’s
    I dunno what the cool off period is but if you reach out to the recruiter they can tell you.
    Jul 2 0
  • Salesforce / Eng pRtz42
    Apply now, recruiters and hiring managers can see your previous apps but wouldn't necessarily impact a new hiring process
    Jun 30 0
  • Salesforce iusx32
    For the same hiring manager probably never. You can apply for any other role where perhaps you’re a better fit anytime
    Jun 29 0


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