Fake interviews

New / Mgmt Riverbed
May 15 8 Comments

I know there are fake interviews. What types have you heard of and have you been on either end of one?

For example, to be fair, you may be asked to interview outside candidates before hiring your internal one.


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  • Cisco / Eng

    Cisco Eng

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    I.O.T Software Engineer.
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  • WeWork NewPlumbus
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  • Symantec GoRams
    Recruiter got back to me saying hiring manager personally selected my profile. To start the convo they wanted me to go to their website and apply for this position. Thought fishy - may be they were just sourcing candidates - possibly for h1 or PERM. Didn't bother to reply
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  • Cisco ofclass
    Which company op? Rumor has it!
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  • JB Hunt qxgrksk12
    Back in the day, we interviewed at colleges even when we had no intention of (or money to) hire anyone. Never heard of anything like that in a long time though.
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  • This is real but I have never had to conduct one.

    Also, I've seen it on the flip side where my prev comp had policy to advertise internal first but mgmt really wanted to bring in fresh blood.

    Plus, in some countries due to visa restrictions you have to make it really look like you are trying to hire local.
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  • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
    When your perm posting sometimes end up with people somehow making it to the interviews. Or usually when the company gives some absurdly time consuming "assessment" which they just use for their products
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  • Amazon qwertyup
    This is an example of a fake interview.
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