Family vacation planning

New bluebay
May 19 11 Comments

How do you plan your family vacations? I’m overwhelmed with work now and have very little time but I want to get it right this time. Last time this happened and we went on a trip to europe without any plans and it was a complete fucking disaster. Everyone was so unhappy. Almost got divorced (ok, exaggerating a bit but definitely one of the lowest moments).

How do people plan their family trips? Any tips?


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  • Oracle RatRaceLif
    Go to fodors forums, search for country and number of days and pick an iten. w/i your budget. Seriously as easy as that
    May 19 0
  • Facebook GSWarriors
    Block some time on your calendar 3-6 months ahead of time, let your manager know of it and plan out an itinerary. I try to make an overseas trip each year and follow this. I use spring break and xmas time and book a bit in advance as well. Ask your spouse their places of interest and go with it
    May 19 0
  • Intel Riso4ever
    If you want an adventure/exploration vacation, check out many of the tour companies (like gate1 travel, which I’ve used several times successfully). They handle all the logistics, you just have to get yourself to the airport; it makes life a lot easier. This will work only with older kids who can walk a fair bit every day. Also they generally end up being less expensive than doing it yourself, since they get group rates on flights and hotels. These are not relaxing vacations though, you’re constantly moving, but you can see a ton of things in a week that you wouldn’t be able to on your own.
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  • Chase / Data McJU43
    For a moment, I thought this was a “Family planning vacation” 😐
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  • New / Mgmt

    New Mgmt

    First tell what went wrong last time ?
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  • Nvidia dynosight
    Work for a cool manager
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  • New fSca65
    Beach vacations at an all or semi all inclusive resort are very easy. On one now in Puerto Rico.

    Use trip advisor to find a good place and then find activities in the same area, often no rental car or hotel change needed.
    May 19 0
  • Amazon new_ew
    Go to one city/place, spend 3-4 days there and come back. There are lots of places like that in the US itself.
    May 19 0
  • Monster unholy!
    Bottom line, set aside a few hours for research. I like trip advisor, but also look at city or country specific blogs. Make a Trello with each column as a full day, add options for each day as a card. I even put train schedules, confirmation numbers and whatnot on it. You don't have to hit everything and can move the cards around if plans change.
    May 19 0
  • Amazon willshire
    Fodor or Rick Steves.
    May 19 0
  • Amgen Fin4eng
    Go to a beach or ski resort (for hiking/biking in the summer). Minimum planning needed. This is why I prefer Hawaii/Fiji to Europe. Works tiring enough, don’t need to stress on vacation
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