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Amazon sniper007
Mar 11 22 Comments

I currently work for Amazon and got a new job offer in another FANG in Pittsburgh (TC ~300K) which is my dream job. My wife wants me to relocate to Dallas,TX as she doesn't like the Pittsburgh weather and the city itself. Also she wants to buy a house only in Dallas, TX as she has lived over there for few years. She is asking me to compromise on my career goal and move to any tier 2 company even if they offer me half my current salary. I'm not at all interested to work for a tier 2 company after I've worked for FANG for 4 years. I hope most people here will have the same feeling.

My question is
1. Do you suggest me this Non-Fang career(career suicide imo) move for a lower salary? What impact does that have on my resume and my furure career with FANG?
2. Which is a better City for living and has good real estate market - Dallas or Pittsburgh?


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  • Veritas ifjroprjr
    If your age < 40 and no kids:
    Dump her
    Propose Austin (still TX) and possibly keep both career and wife

    If she doesn’t compromise at all, then it goes back to you,
    Mar 11 1
    • Oracle djsnaav
      This woman sucks. Who the hell actually chooses to live in Dallas as opposed to being stuck there.
      Mar 11
  • Google ovBk62
    Holy shit 300k in Pittsburgh! What level and yoe?
    Mar 11 0
  • Amazon / Eng fHUg57
    Lol... I've worked for tier-n companies most of my career. And I've not found Amazon (not aws) solving anything bigger than those companies I've come from. Infact, at non FANG companies you have an option to chose any technical/infra stack or just use off the shelf products. But with Amazon, Google, Microsoft... You are primarily restricted to their specific ecosystems.
    Unless you have some patents, like real inventions, you haven't done anything great that the other 50k amazonians haven't done.

    Humility teaches one to grow. If you think by working at Amazon for a mere 4 years, you've nothing to learn, you are accepting you've peaked already. And it can only go down from here on.
    Mar 11 0
  • LinkedIn bamerikbam
    Man up. Get your shit together. Read “no more mr. nice guy”, you beta. Effing beta males remote-controlled by type-a daughters of mothers and fathers.
    Mar 11 1
    • Activision Blizzard others
      Lol this guy
      Mar 11
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Gap / Eng randUser
      Amazon is in Pittsburgh? I'm pretty sure it's Google that he got the offer for
      Mar 11
  • Facebook 7558427985
    You don't get it. She is not asking..

    God men are clueless.
    Mar 11 0
  • Google topCon
    Why not just say you work for Amazon and got offer from Google? Stop with all this FANG talk. You sound ridiculous.
    Mar 11 0
  • Facebook Probe
    Tier meme > loving wife
    Mar 11 0
  • Activision Blizzard others
    Do you really think the work at T2 is that much worse then FANG?
    Mar 11 0
  • Get a tier 1 wife or GTFO.
    Mar 11 0
  • Amazon seriousq
    Love Dallas! Try getting an Amazon transfer there! Also. If you can compromise for austin, you can work for a non tier 2 company there also. Lots of jobs there
    Mar 11 0
  • AQR 18Gx71
    Pittsburgh? Uber atg? Amazon to uber atg is actually a big upgrade. Stop obsessing about faang
    Mar 22 0
  • Expedia / Eng

    Expedia Eng

    Compare what you'll get and loose in each option, each option carrying a weight.
    Mar 12 0
  • Bazaarvoice / R&D AustinTech
    I would prefer Austin over Dallas any day.
    Mar 11 0
  • Glu Mobile PQSK63
    Your career is something you own and will always be there. Can't say the same for your wife. Make the best long term decision and ask your wife to accept it.
    Mar 11 0
  • Credit Karma WRra32
    Mar 11 0
  • Microsoft gfba68
    LOL it certainly isn't career suicide. You can always go back. Forget FAANG, which city do you like more? You can be successful in both.
    Mar 11 0
  • Microsoft joyfull
    Siemens and Dell are in Dallas. To be fair, Dallas is very nice city to live. It has a feel for big city and better weather than most of other cities in TX. Dallas airport
    is pretty good, too. I think Dallas is a bigger city than Seattle. It might even be a better city to raise kids as you can enjoy outdoors for longer time. Pittsburgh is a dying city on the other hand. So many crimes. Always listen to women.
    Mar 11 0
  • Gap / Eng randUser
    Pittsburgh is pretty nice, the weather really isn't all that big of a deal. Tell her to buy a coat and suck it up

    Or schedule PTO around the winter.
    Mar 11 0
  • Amazon / Eng QVHz54
    Going to non-FANG is not career suicide.

    You've mentioned a few different things - your wife's preferences, your career concerns and real estate. What you haven't done is tell us which of those things are most important to you. If her preference is most important then you can make the rest work. If it's not, then that's a discussion you need to have with her.

    Also, look closely at why she's reluctant for Pittsburgh weather. Does she just dislike the cold or is it something deeper? Personally, I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and no amount of money would ever be worth living somewhere cold.
    Mar 11 0


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