Federal tax withheld at IPO

May 31 8 Comments

Looks like federal tax withheld at IPO is only at 22%. How can I roughly estimate what additional % do I need to sell for tax before April?


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  • New / IT

    New IT

    eBay, Principal Financial Group
    If stock is growing - why sell?
    May 31 1
  • New osMS13
    Get a tax lawyer. Worth the cash.
    May 31 3
    • Thanks. Yelp doesn’t seem reliable, what’s the best way to find one?
      May 31
    • New osMS13
      Word of mouth. I can recommend the people I use: Hone Maxwell in SF. I'm on the peninsula but we do everything remotely. The IRS just tried to gouge me for 2800 on some rsu sales from 2017 and H-M got it all straightened out. I paid 171.00
      May 31
    • New osMS13
      (that's what I paid the IRS. Since h-M do my taxes no charge. Note they are not cheap for taxes but so worth it if there are issues.)
      May 31
  • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
    Everything other than base salary ( maybe bonus too ) is supplemental income, withholding by default for supplemental income is 22% federal unless you elect for more withhold.

    Calculate the approx. total income for the year and run through the tax cal, you’ll get an effective tax rate which is what you should have paid by EOY otherwise you will be penalized ( maybe? ) for under withhold
    May 31 1