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Feedback at Facebook

Microsoft lilr
Feb 7

I understood that candidates at Facebook receive a full feedback from Facebook whether they passed the onsite day or didn't is this true? and if so who gives this feedback?


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  • Salesforce hypeforce
    Hard to imagine a company like FB to be so transparent.
    Feb 70
  • Oath Supremist
    No. This is incorrect.
    Feb 70
  • Just finished a phone screen with facebook, in which I didn’t pass. I was told they don’t share feedback but when I asked my recruiter they shared a tiny amount of pretty generic feedback with me (solution had a bug / not fast enough / i was really nice and easy to work with).

    I didn’t leetcode enough
    Feb 72
    • I know the bug was literally changing a “const” to a “let”. I could have caught that if interviewer had let me run the code 🤦‍♂️
      Feb 7
    • Redfin Twilite
      Similar experience. I had to ask but to my recruiter's credit they jumped on a call with me and we played this game where we both vaguely navigated the contents of the feedback.
      Feb 7
  • Capital One 10347374
    I asked and basically the recruiter said what did you think of it , I shared my thoughts and she said yes basically . So they can indirectly say things but won’t say it upfront
    Feb 71
    • Juniper sando
      They don't want to divulge any details in case they accidentally say something that could turn into a legal issue
      Feb 10
  • Hubspot hebtidhevh
    The recruiter will say whether you did ok or not on a given section, but won't give exact feedback.
    Feb 100
  • NewRelic first ¹
    No they ghosted me even though I was at the last round interview. I guess the feeling was mutual.
    Feb 70
  • Groupon grpnsu
    No, not true
    Feb 70

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