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T-Mobile qSFK31
Aug 29 6 Comments

Received offers with Similar role and Band (125-130K Base) + (5-10) K Bonus @ Bellevue, Thousand Oaks - LA & Phoenix for a SDET position.

Out of all three places and offers mentioned , which one is better. Looking for below things to consider for my next move

1) Decent Future Opportunities if not very great - At some point , my wife also may need to relocate to the place from her current job.
2) Better Cost Of Living to eventually settle/buying home , if things are good.


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  • Microsoft GayCoder
    Well Phoenix will definitely be cheapest. Bellevue will be nicest.

    As for Thousand Oaks, well... It's a bullshit three-ring circus sideshow of freaks.

    Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call L.A.
    The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
    Any fucking time. Any fucking day.
    Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay
    Aug 29 2
    • Google / Eng cloudy sky
      Despite however cringe this post is, I agree that Thousand Oaks / LA is not great. (For ref, TO is about 1hr depending on traffic from LA.)

      Bellevue is super nice. You also would save a lot on income tax. That being said...when I interviewed at Unity there, I went out and all my drinks were ~$20, which I think is absurd. Seattle isn’t far though.

      I can’t speak for Phoenix at all, never been.

      Go to Washington. Weather feels nicer (yes it rains some), houses are more affordable, you’ll be happier.
      Aug 29
    • Microsoft GayCoder
      Have you no culture cloudy sky
      Aug 29
  • Microsoft AvuD84
    Which company in TO?
    Aug 30 1
    • T-Mobile qSFK31
      Anthem Inc.
      Aug 30
  • FourthWall Media 80%Comple
    Since you have multiple close offers try to use that fact to negotiate slightly higher TC, especially for the West Coast roles. For LA you’d want at least 145-150 if you can get it.
    Aug 29 0


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