Finally Amazon

Amazon hhinxho
Jan 7 6 Comments

Finally, Amazon takes the market cap crown. Hopefully , it will be a very long time before this is taken by another company.


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  • Facebook public2
    Huh? Wouldn't you want others to exceed it to help maintain justification for the crazy pe. Why would you not want the stock price to rise?
    Jan 7 2
    • Apple 88812122
      They reinvest almost everything and hence no profit to show for. And hence high pe
      Jan 7
    • Facebook public2
      Oh weird, I thought Amazon ran a huge ecommerce business and thousands of grocery stores.
      Jan 8
  • Amazon lvd11
    It would be great if we got the crown by getting to 2100 or something like that instead of at a price 22% below our recent peak.

    While that's some kind of bragging rights it's better for all of us if the whole industry is doing well and we are comparing who is doing best rather than least bad.

    Personally my RSU are still worth less than I was hoping for. It's pretty real having 20 percent less money than you previously thought!
    Jan 7 1
    • Amazon hhinxho
      Why do u think Bezos is bad guy ?
      Jan 7
  • New me2you.
    Wall street fluffing it up one last time before the crash.

    10 year bull run off of QEs is not real economy.
    Jan 7 0