Tableau / Eng DuckDodge
May 13 10 Comments

...maybe entrepreneurs will stop referring to their endeavors as "Uber for _______"?


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  • Square jTCr61
    Why are people so happy at someone's misfortune? Are you always this angry and petty or just whenever you are anonymous online?
    May 13 3
    • Salesforce / Eng namehere1
      No but have you seen these Uber bros bragging for the last few years how their TC is way higher than everybody else’s?
      May 13
    • Tableau / Eng DuckDodge
      I wish Uber all the best. I'll invest in them at some point. I've just seen start-ups describe themselves, lazily, as "Uber for ______". And maybe a silver lining of this whole thing is that such descriptions will decrease.
      May 13
    • Square jTCr61
      What about the rest of the company?
      May 13
  • Facebook


    Google, Microsoft
    May 13 0
  • Microsoft pJcW86
    "boy they Uber-ed that IPO"
    May 13 0
  • New VreM84
    Uber for cuckolds.
    May 13 0
  • New ldld9
    I'm kind of glad uber tanked a bit. Way too many uber Bros bragging nonstop for the last year on blind
    May 13 0
  • Uber domin8
    Sure, who would want to build a 70 billion dollars company???
    May 13 0
  • Dell / Eng

    Dell Eng

    Dell EMC
    I've only seen it used as short hand for the gig economy, not so much the potential for stock price so .. Probably not the end of hearing that
    May 13 0