Finance -> Tech, anyone?

New fckin.*
Sep 27, 2018 3 Comments

Finance = IB/HedgeFunds/HFT
Anyone here not happy with the transition. Pretty sure there's a tradeoff in terms of wlb vs comp.
Thoughts pls..


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  • Amazon / Eng jNeo42
    I went from finance tech (I personally dislike the mixed case portmanteau “FinTech”) to big tech. Finance interviewing is usually stack specific, eg you’ll be grilled on C#, SQL, whatever they use, plus design patterns, some trick questions and misc. The goal is to be combative and make you uncomfortable to see how you respond. Big tech does not require you to brush up on the advanced nuances and libraries like finance does, but you have to be better prepared on DS/algos for the coding rounds. And normally at big tech (or just tech tech) they’re trying to be nicer and collaborative, not gunning for you to fail like many of the finance assholes they put on the phone. That said, there are things I like about each. But finance varies: the bigger the company, the more dreadfully unhappy the people are (and the lower the TC). Smaller companies can be nicer and pay more, but those have their own form of impostor syndrome. I’d rather do small finance than big tech, though my preference has always been as a contractor. Big retail and investment banks will never pay enough to attract me, maybe a consulting gig but I’d never ever go FT.
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  • Amazon 123raj
    Tech to Finance anyone?
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  • Citibank / R&D whatdabump
    Jumping from one toilet to another. Referencing John Oliver take on FB
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