Finasteride - safe?

U.S.Bank tytL51
Jul 3 20 Comments

Is finasteride safe for preventing hair loss, or will I lose my libido and gain 50lbs?


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    • Amazon broke&dumb
      Don't trust the FDA so much.
      They created the opioid crisis in the US.
      Jul 3
    • Uber StartupB1
      Sure just like Accutane, Vioxx, Cylert, which were all discovered to cause harm years after approval. The FDA has made mistakes.
      Jul 3
  • Google FfEA67
    Been on it five years no issues.
    Jul 3 4
    • New hwUn20
      What dosage are you taking? 1mg?
      Jul 3
    • Google FfEA67
      Jul 3
    • New hwUn20
      In how many months did you notice the results? Was it like new hair on bald spots or thickening of existing hairs?
      Jul 3
    • Google FfEA67
      I didn’t get any regrowth, it’s just preventative for me.
      Jul 3
  • Square riJbJiid7
    Don’t do it. Just embrace getting old. If the limp dick doesn’t get you, the brain fog might. You use your brain to make money right? Why risk it?
    Jul 3 3
    • he'd just spend his money on hair plugs
      Jul 3
    • New qeerty
      I second just accepting it. Lift weights and do other things to look good with short or no hair
      Jul 3
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      Yeah. Just lift more. Give them other places to look at than your hair
      Jul 3
  • Facebook public2
    No, don't ever take this. It is poison and may ruin your life. Not worth it. See complaints to fda.
    Jul 3 0
  • Microsoft KyJeLlY
    I had nasty nasty depression that came from it. I accidentally forgot to bring it with me on vacation and realized how much better I felt while I was not on it. Stopped taking it and depression largely went away
    Jul 3 0
  • CDK Global / Other

    CDK Global Other

    XPO Logistics
    Innovator creator motivator team builder
    Crowdsource your answer then ask a doc anyways.
    Jul 3 0
  • Microsoft Tattle
    It's largely safe. Only some folks have that nasty side effect.
    Jul 3 0
  • Two Sigma MkRe68
    Lots of negativity about this drug, but most people have no issues. Works fine for me. If it makes you feel better, buy the brand name version which is made in Europe (the generic versions are made in India), but it shouldn't matter much. Lots of people use this and numerous studies confirm its effectiveness.
    Jul 3 1
    • New hwUn20
      What is the name of the generic version of finasteride available in India?
      Jul 3
  • Amazon jhqYa
    Not worth the risk.

    Instead use minoxidil every evening, nizoral shampoo every 3 days and work on your mental health
    Jul 11 0
  • Uber Uber 1.8
    1.4% of men who use it may get ED that persists even after they stop using it. Roll of the dice.
    Jul 3 0
  • Nvidia bdei51
    I take it for 5 years now, works fine. No side effects for me, I have sex like 10+ times a week with gf
    Jul 3 0