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Amazon fhrxsrbas
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I interned at Amazon and will join Bloomberg as entry-level software engineer. I only have CS master degree but with extensive research experiences (quit my PhD in bioinformatics)

All my previous experiences are actually machine learning/NLP/Data science/quantitative related. Thus my career goal is become machine learning engineer(MLE) in future, that combines my interest in both coding and mathematics. Also I’m super interested in growing my domain knowledge in finance. Won’t rule out the possibility to take part-time degree in financial mathematics.

1. Given my case, what would be the fit team at Bloomberg that involves ML/engineering/finance? Portfolio analytics or optimisation team?

2. I know nowadays it’s hard to get into ML team. Though I could show I had research experiences, I don’t have a PhD, which is the preference of ML recruitment in job market. If I cannot get into desired team, then what should I do? How easy it is to switch team within BBG?

Many thanks.


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  • Bloomberg NaySlayer
    Integrating ML into solving business problems effectively requires domain knowledge of the business. I have done this successfully by digging in on the domain of each of the teams I’ve been at.

    Most teams have tons of data to play with. In your interviews with teams, I would try to get an idea about two aspects of your prospective team:

    1. How is work prioritized, assigned, and managed. Is engineering involved in prioritizing, if not then, next team. If the manager can’t point to a well organized board, or a team that can speak to how the work is managed, then, next team.

    2. Does the team have some major goal that will dominate the work calendar in the next year. That could be your opportunity to learn the domain enough to solve problems in it, or a sign you will not get to the work you want to do in the time you are willing to wait.

    This company is super agile, so switching teams after a year or so is always an option. There are lots of good TL’s out there that will help you grow in your first year. And if not, the homeboys and homegirls you meet in training class are a great litmus test against your situation.

    And finally the pitch: Structured Products, BVAL, or Derivatives have a really deep financial domain and tons of data to sink your teeth into.

    DM me when you get in the door, and good luck!!!
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    • Microsoft whitetea
      Thank you for this! I'm also starting very soon and I really appreciate the advice.
      Jun 17
    • Amazon lalala111
      This is really super helpful
      Jun 20
    • Amazon decidenow1
      May I ask about portfolio analytics team? Also data-rich team?
      Jun 27
  • Microsoft sigasiga
    Have you attended the Discovery Day? That should cover some of your questions. I can't answer as
    I'm a new grad myself starting at Bloomberg soon. Are you joining the NY office?
    Jun 12 1
  • Shutterstock kudabobb
    Why leave Amazon for Bloomberg
    Jun 12 1
    • Amazon fhrxsrbas
      I don’t like the culture of amazon
      Jun 12
  • Amazon fhrxsrbas
    Any suggestion appreciated. Thx!
    Jun 12 0