Finding a job in SF, NY, Seattle with existing green card

New / Product Dqjs81
Jun 10 5 Comments

Hi Everyone, I already have a green card through marriage. I’m head of product at a startup in London and thinking about moving to the US in 1-2 years. I heard from some people that having green card in hand will make it very easy for me to find a job in product.
I have 10+ years experience and worked in several small-mid size startups in Europe.
What would be my chances to find something in SF, NY, Seattle are with a compensation above 200k+?


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  • New $€£
    If you are outside the US for over 6 months (with some exceptions), your green card is usually not valid anymore and you have to start the process all over again. So that would be the first thing you'd have to do as most companies won't even consider interviewing without appropriate work authorization.
    Jun 10 3
    • New / Product Dqjs81
      Thanks. We’re visiting the US every 3-4 months. There hasn’t been any problems at the customs so far.
      Jun 11
    • New $€£
      Visiting is not enough. You need to be LIVING in the US for better part of the year and your trips abroad should be TEMPORARY. What you are doing is very risky. At some point they will catch on and you will be denied entry at the port. It sounds like they still haven't though, so you should consult with a lawyer and consider applying for a re-entry permit which will maintain your status up to 2 years while you are living outside the US.
      Jun 11
    • Citadel Securities wagecuck3
      * A green card becomes invalid after 1 year outside the US, not 6 months.
      * It's true that CBP can accuse you of having abandoned your permanent residence if you spend too much time outside the US, but as long as your green card is still valid (see point above) they cannot deny you entry on that basis. They must give you the option of returning to the US and having your case heard by an immigration judge who will determine whether you have abandoned your residence.
      * Having a re-entry permit does allow you to stay outside the US for up to 2 years, but it doesn't guarantee that you won't be accused of having abandoned your status when you return.
      Jun 17
  • Tableau heavenish
    If you can work in the us and have experience in reasonable tech companies, getting an offer that like that should be expected.
    Jun 10 0