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Amazon Amazd
Apr 20 13 Comments

I have been actively looking for new role for past 2 months but haven’t been able to get an interview. I have tried applying for jobs through Linkedin and also tried to reach out to hiring managers but both haven’t helped.

I am in Supply Chain and Logistics domain. Is there something I am doing wrong?


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  • New wrcS08
    Please send me your I will see if I can help .Being at amazon it should not be an issue - so curious myself
    Apr 20 8
    • New wrcS08
      No , I am not - more aptly a coach
      Apr 20
    • How do you coach
      Apr 20
    • New wrcS08
      I have a team of people who are very passionate about helping people . We do gap analysis and then give pertinent feedback .
      Apr 20
    • Tesla shite
      Can you help me as well?
      Apr 20
    • New wrcS08
      Sure DM me
      Apr 20
  • New / Eng JesusC
    Are you a software engineer?
    Apr 20 1
  • Panasonic Avionics

    Panasonic Avionics

    I do sales. I sell stuff. It’s what I do.
    Check Flexport or any of those new logistic companies. I got an interview at flexport just applying.
    Apr 20 0
  • New / Eng 🍏 Tim
    Redesign your resume and use the tips from Cracking the Coding Interview book.
    Apr 20 0


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