Finding nanny for ADHD/ASD kids.

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How do you find a nanny/baby sitter for kid with ADHD/ASD? My kid in Kinder has severe ADHD and social skills disorder. He may have mild autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as well but diagnosis is on going.

How do you find a nanny for such a special need kid? We even have hard time making do something so I am afraid ordinary nannies might get upset or frustrated with him. Is there a special service? I found OTs treat him pretty well so people with such experience might be good.

Anyhow we need help so no trolling please. It affects my marriage, job and our mental health as well. Before he started IEP, we used to receive email from school principal like every week for his obnoxious behaviors.

My wife seems depressed. She is a stay-home mom but gets easily exhausted even though I spend almost all of my time with kids and housework on weekends and after work and in the morning (I am the one who wakes up and take care while she sleeps until 11am on weekends).

We can’t even have a playdate as he will behave strangely and kids don’t like him because of obnoxious bahaviors and hyperactivity. His intelligence is also low and bilingual is also not good for him.

Having said that, I don’t think we can keep this pattern any more. We are not a type of person who gets angry but with him it is very hard. Every step is a challenge. With such effort, I am sure we could have raise 3 more normal kids.

Anyhow do you know of any such service or
tips in Eastside of Seattle area? Thanks in advance.


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  • Microsoft FULOOZERS
    Wherever you go for therapy talk with them. You can also watch and see if any therapists you work with leave then you can hire them. If you aren’t getting therapy then you should be doing that ASAP. If you need help on where to go send me a message, I know all the major places personally.
    Mar 29 2
    • Microsoft chsvejsud
      Thanks for the reply. He had been receiving OT once a week but he now gets twice a week at school. I think most of the places for behavioral therapy requires ASD diagnosis?
      Mar 29
    • Microsoft FULOOZERS
      No you don’t have to have an asd diagnosis, adhd is also on asd now too. You should get more than just some OT at school. If you live on east side call ICAN.
      Mar 29
  • Intel / Eng DonaldDD's
    Yes, there are people that work as special needs caregivers. Believe me, they don’t make bank so you won’t be too far in the hole
    Mar 29 0
  • I would really recommend getting a diagnosis. That will open a lot of doors. Every state is different and I don’t live in Washington but look into getting a medicaid waiver. That may get you some attendant hours and other stuff. Also, look into ABA therapy. I can’t promise all of your problems will go away but attack a new problem every day/week/month and things will get better.

    Mar 29 0