Finding roommates in the bay area

Intel botss
Feb 9

I am moving to the bay area for a new job after graduation in May. Any tips on how to find roommates in the bay area? What sites do you use?

I prefer living with people who also works in tech and are relatively young (post college age).


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  • Twitch picketmov
    You’re literally describing all potential roommates in Bay Area
    Feb 92
    • Nvidia rtxfailed
      No, OP is describing only male roommates
      Feb 9
    • Intel botss
      actually am a female
      Feb 10
  • Walmart.com 180°
    Look for groups on Facebook.
    Feb 90
  • Western Digital rhrR87
    If you are a girl and cook and clean we can be roommates. Otherwise, no thanks
    Feb 90
  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions XgsJva6
    Facebook Marketplace
    Feb 90
  • New / Engsparked
    Craigslist classifieds
    Feb 90
  • Netflix


    Craigslist > housing > shared is the best place to find a room in an apartment. Signing a new lease and trying to find roommates from there is guaranteed to be the most expensive.
    Feb 90
  • Salesforce hypeforce
    M / f ?
    Feb 91
  • TC or GTFO
    Feb 90

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