Fintech SRE work/life and comp

Google / Eng kFCP22
Sep 11 6 Comments

Looking at fintech in NYC, namely Citadel and Two Sigma. They're saying 600k TC all in cash. Is it bullshit? 80 hour weeks? Should I expect to be fired after whatever project I'm put on is complete?


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  • Palantir fixbugs
    is that from a third-party or in-house recruiter? and, how much YoE do you have?
    Sep 11 2
    • Google / Eng kFCP22
      Coming through 3p but numbers from the companies. 7 yoe
      Sep 11
    • Palantir fixbugs
      I was asking because the number from 3rd party (or numbers from company thru 3rd party) can be greatly inflated or are for the top-paying roles that could be a bad fit for you.

      Have you got a chance to speak with the teams and get a sense of what you’ll be doing? SRE can mean a wide range of things in fintech companies, and it’s not necessarily “SRE” as famously defined by Google...
      Sep 11
  • Citadel Securities / Eng bluetiger
    No one works 80hr weeks and firing due to market conditions is pretty rare for software (much more common among traders). As for the comp, 600k is a solid offer but not particularly high for 7 YOE with interesting work experience - I wouldn’t assume it’s bullshit
    Sep 11 0
  • Bloomberg DINE<GO>
    600k is possible for highly sought after but rare skills. E.g. ultra high performance C++, ASIC development, etc
    Sep 11 0
  • Oscar


    I am a Koala. DM me if you want to cuddle.
    I doubt. Senior director? Probably yes. No way they pay SRE this much in cash.... I call it BS. It’s called a tactical upper bound. Not gonna happen.
    Sep 13 0


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