Fintech comp vs. big bank

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May 11 2 Comments

I’m in big bank financial analytics / business strategy.. thinking of switching to Fintech. YOE 12 years and current TC $300k (base $200k, bonus $65k, LTI rsu ~$40k).

How much should I expect in equity if I move to Fintech pre-IPO company? I am thinking SoFi or similar companies in San Francisco area. Thanks for insights and advice.


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  • Affirm no_snitch
    Fin tech analytics here, your TC seems pretty good, I think you could expect around the same base in fin tech, and options pre tax ~$100k net of strike. I don't feel like the equity upside in fin tech is quite as high as some tech industries, but def higher than a blue chip. All in all you're not leaving much on the table, if stock price does well you might do 100k better.
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  • Wells Fargo / Product 8020BB
    So sad it appears there’s little activity here for non-IT/non-tech... wish blind had more folks from fintech or banking
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