Fishbowl vs Blind

eBay / Eng nived
Jan 10 8 Comments

Anyone using Fishbowl app? Wanted to hear your thoughts


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Oracle 🔴vs🔷
    What is it??
    Jan 10 5
    • eBay / Eng nived
      Its an app similar to blind
      Jan 10
    • Amazon outoforder
      It’s an app similar to blind
      Jan 10
    • Oracle 🔴vs🔷
      If it’s less toxic I might have to check it out
      Jan 10
    • New


      I make stuff and I’m super into it.
      All internet communities eventually become toxic. See: digg, reddit, facebook.
      Jan 10
    • Oracle 🔴vs🔷
      Couldn’t get on wtf
      Jan 10
  • Apple Dr.Dre
    It’s for accountants. U should be able to get better tax advice there
    Jan 10 0
  • Facebook bov36z
    Isn't Fishbowl dead?
    Jan 10 0

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