New / Sales ttiger16
Jun 5 3 Comments

Any current or former employees want to chime in on office culture? Relationships between managers and teams, satisfaction with compensation/benefits, reasonably set goals/expectations, etc?


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  • Fitbit CGnh58
    There are some smart, friendly people for sure. I'd say it's a good culture. Managers can be a little neglectful Imo.

    I left due to (lack of) compensation though. Goals/expectations vary by team, but I'd say they're more often reasonable than not.

    It was a pretty chill work/life balance.
    Jun 5 0
  • New / Sales ttiger16
    Thanks for the insights. What team were you on?
    It would be on the Sales Team in the SF office.
    Jun 7 0
  • Fitbit / Sales GRTq43
    What team and what office are you considering?
    Jun 6 0