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Sep 7 20 Comments

How often Blind posts posted in your company’s channel get flagged?

What are the reasons for you/your company to flag a post (besides sharing personal data and targeting individuals maliciously)?

just curious as noticed people complaining about flagging and the whole topics go missing.


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  • Apple ggyfc
    Blind is a toxic cesspool. I flag stuff frequently.
    Sep 7 17
    • ICF / Eng SouDa
      Blackmailing aside, bullying in your opinion is just another form of free speech that should be protected. If that is the case, then I don't think you have the right definition of bullying.
      Like I said, we're not talking about the same thing.
      Sep 7
    • Lyft done2
      Besides immediate / viable threats, what else do you want Banned? Can you even Define it ?
      Sep 7
    • ICF / Eng SouDa
      Facebook and other social media platforms do have mods looking out for cyber bullying. For a large part, their measures depend on users to report when they feel like they're being bullied. So in short, if you see something online that looks like bullying to you, you report it. And if it fits with the platform's definition of cyber bullying, then mods ban it.
      I believe that's scrutiny enough, if not less.
      Sep 7
    • Lyft done2
      You didn’t answer my question. I take that as more evidence that my point is correct that we can’t ever even define what we mean by this bullying. So

      you’re right that platforms do give the mob the ability to silence people. I don’t think that’s necessarily a great moral accomplishment Or a sign of a healthy intellectual society.
      Sep 7
    • ICF / Eng SouDa
      I only defended my position of flagging posts that I seem as toxic. I wasn't trying to nor do I wanna tell you what you should do. You wanna define bullying? Wanna help achieve a healthy intellectual society? Start by working as a moderator first. Reddit is a good place to begin. You'll get a good dose of online toxicity there.
      Sep 7
  • Roku cruella
    A lot of doxxing and weird toxicity at my previous company's channel. So glad I got out of there.

    The new one is civil and nice ☺️. Makes me happy warm and fuzzy.
    Sep 7 0
  • PwC OS/2
    Ppl who are flagging others are a) hr b) sjw’s 3) snowflakes 4) all of the above
    Sep 7 0


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