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Nov 8 3 Comments

Does Google/Microsoft/Amazon flag candidates as something/anything after they've been through an interview? However good/bad.

I've applied and although my CS and PM concepts were swift during the interviews, luck didn't want to play along.

Does it (permanently) harm if I reapply? How did the recruiting team go about it? I'm a university grad so not much time left to take a break, and I'm super passionate about working at these companies!


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  • Google Mauv02
    I remember hearing around half of Google interviewed more than once before getting in. So although I am sure you could do or say something to permanently tank your chances, having a bad day and failing to meet the bar doesn’t destroy your chances in the future.
    Nov 8 1
    • Apple apple_cool
      Obviously what you heard is wrong. Most googlers get into google in their first try because majority of googlers join as new grad. Also these days it is a cake to join google especially google cloud. Colleague quality went down, thus I joined Apple for more TC. Google still beats any companies in terms of engineering infra, though due to high quality googlers 20 years back.
      Nov 8
  • Boeing / Legal

    Boeing Legal

    Knights of Columbus, Rocket Fuel
    I mean yes they'll keep your feedback from your interview loops, if anything it's better then being unknown to them. Once you're in there system, recruiters will see you more easily than someone random, especially those amazon recruiters.
    Nov 8 0


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