Flatiron Health?

New qworp
Jul 30 5 Comments

Curious to see people’s perspectives on the company, especially since they were acquired last year. I heard good things about their engineering, but would love to hear more from people working inside.

What does comp look like as well for SWE’s?


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  • Amazon b33
    their data processing pipeline is in pandas and that’s all u need to know abt their engineering
    Aug 30 2
    • HCA Healthcare LXvJ31
      No way? Ive always heard they had a top flight eng team with lots of ex tier 1 company people
      Aug 30
    • Amazon b33
      that’s what they told me during my onsite
      Aug 30
  • New ninja25
    I used to work there. They are not solving any breathrough engineering problems. Most of the money is made from selling cancer data to other companies. They have an application called OncoEMR which is a huge legacy application through which cancer data is collected. Wouldn't recommend it if you are looking for technical challenges but they have a great culture
    Oct 24 0
  • HCA Healthcare LXvJ31
    Aug 8 0


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