Flipkart interview - India

Microsoft baratheon
May 2 10 Comments

I have an interview with Flipkart. Any tips?


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  • Amazon / Eng BeffJesoz
    It's all about cracking the machine coding round. Rest is easy
    May 2 4
    • Oracle ir0n
      Does machine coding round also apply to Amazon?
      May 2
    • New / Eng zzzzzz-ZZ
      Nah amazon doesn't have machine coding round. All f2f after initial online assessment.
      May 2
    • Tableau krxi15
      Wtf is a machine coding round?
      May 2
    • New / Eng zzzzzz-ZZ
      Basically they call you onsite. You have to code solution to a problem on your laptop in 1.5 hrs. Its a larger problem than your typical LC like encoders, queue job scheduler etc Complexity and ds/algo needed varies depending on level. They look for correct output, clean code, exception handling and class level design.
      May 2
  • Microsoft baratheon
    SDE II
    May 2 1
    • Flipkart / Eng softwareEngineer
      During machine coding round, focus on writing a working code which covers all the sample cases and then if you have time left work on cleaning your code in terms of class design and other stuff.
      Problem solving/data structures, design and hiring manager round are very standard.
      May 2
  • Flipkart korU10
    As BeffJesoz suggested, cracking the Machine coding round is the key.
    Tips: https://workat.tech/machine-coding/article/how-to-prepare-for-machine-coding-round-naf2ih7a9e5l
    Sep 22 0
  • New / Eng zzzzzz-ZZ
    Depends on role / level.
    I had interviewed for sde 1 and can provide pointers for that.
    Also current TC an yoe ?
    May 2 0
  • Flipkart / Eng softwareEngineer
    Which role and position?
    May 2 0