For anyone who has worked in a warehouse snw7cl
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  • Target nsXRJO
    Packages just don't look the same after you've worked in a warehouse. You become aware of what goes into getting those boxes to your doorstep.
    Jul 5 3
    • Nike / Mgmt

      Nike Mgmt

      Huron Consulting
      ...which is why anyone working in e-commerce needs to work in a warehouse/distribution center, if only for a short period. Understanding the processes and systems can only help in decision-making when designing or rolling out projects, changes and supply chain strategies.
      Jul 5
    • Levi Strauss 3KIHP4
      This. Understanding how a fulfillment center operates can be beneficial for decision-making in e-commerce. If possible, companies should have employees spend time at a warehouse and learn the systems there.
      Jul 5
    • Amazon MsSanchez
      At Amazon we have such a program. C2FC (Customer Connection Fulfillment Center) lets salaried employees spend time in the FC doing each of the jobs an associate would do.
      Jul 7
  • Amazon MsSanchez
    Yeah... super balanced look at Amazon.

    John Oliver can pay his personal assistant to pickup his artisanal wine and deliver it in an hour. A single mother of 3 working two jobs OTOH appreciates Amazons customer obsession so she can 1-click diapers delivered to her door

    Please remember, unless you are a coastal elitist like him, John Oliver despises you. He’ll gladly ruin the good paying jobs of 99.99% of Amazon associates in the name of the 0.01% gripers. He does NOT want to see folks working hard, earning a good wage, and moving up the ladder. He wants to see everyone beholden to the government and unions for their livelihood. And he as the media elite has ultimate influences over both
    Jul 6 1
    • Apple Fsh7fhgf
      The fuck are you on exactly?
      Jul 9
  • Amazon SlhS10
    People who work in big box retail stores walk many miles a day too but moving boxes around is much easier than dealing with customers. It's not like the TV boxes at Best Buy are light.

    This whole show is really for some middling 105 IQ audience that thinks they're smart. I doubt the quotas are designed such that an employee can't go to the bathroom. If a ten minute bathroom break is the difference between meeting expected performance and not, performance was probably too low to begin with.
    Jul 6 1
    • Amazon startupsea
      So you don't really know if worker conditions are bad in warehouses, but are defending Amazon's position anyways?
      Jul 7
  • Wayfair bnKI45
    I don't see how any of this is surprising - Amazon as a profit driven company is going to squeeze every last ounce of productivity they can out of their workers. If this means discouraging use of the bathroom or burning out their employees they will do it. As long as the employees don't organize there is absolutely nothing they can do about it when someone else will take their place.
    Jul 7 0
  • Amazon / Product

    Amazon Product

    Formerly employed at 21st century buggy whip maker and now enjoying business at the speed of light.
    It's amazing how many programs roll out from Seattle that are seemingly from someone that has rarely, if ever, set foot in a delivery station.
    Jul 6 0
  • Amazon WallaceSLA
    Spend some time in the warehouse. Anyone who hasn’t is completely ignorant about what makes Amazons retail business go.
    Jul 7 0