For software engineers, where does NASA fall in the spectrum of career advancing companies?

NASA / Eng spaceworm
May 21 6 Comments

Obviously it depends on job, YOE, and a range of other factors, but generally speaking, how good does NASA look on the resume for a software engineer? What company would be considered a step up and what company a step down?


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  • Roku gdhdhch
    I would expect a NASA engineer to be smart but have bad design/software skills when compared to top tier companies. But I'd ultimately let the interview decide. Recruiters may have a different opinion.
    May 21 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Low. It’s a government agency dealing with enterprise vendor solutions.
    May 21 0
  • Microsoft gfba68
    It is always team dependent. The company really doesn't matter so much.
    May 21 0
  • New / R&D BigButfl🧠
    Is NASA mostly embedded and HPC type stuff?
    May 21 0
  • New AsYK38
    Depends what you are working on.
    May 21 0
  • New arch135
    Good question I had the same doubt yesterday
    May 21 0


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