Forced arbitration at Microsoft

Microsoft / EngIda
Feb 19

Non disclosure agreements and forced arbitration have silenced voices and perpetuated sexual harassment for far too long. In December, Microsoft eliminated forced arbitration agreements with employees who reported sexual harassment. Good on my company for finally doing this, but this doesn’t help those who have already been silenced before they took this action.

Is there anyone on Blind who has been required to take their claims of sexual harassment to arbitration?


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  • Undisclosed / EngTimesUp
    What’s the harasser’s name? I’ll add them to the shitty men in tech google spreadsheet we’re compiling. Or, I can just PM you the link right now and you can add it.
    Feb 211
    • Undisclosed qTXq04
      When's the list coming out?
      Feb 21
  • Undisclosed qTXq04
    Does arbitration least to the harasser loading their job?! If not there's no point
    Feb 200
  • Amazon God ‍
    Have you tried talking to your HRBP
    Feb 200

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