France: Tech giants like Google do not contribute to funding the common good

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Aug 23 27 Comments


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    omelette du fromage
    Aug 23 0
  • Amazon 🤠== 8
    Agree with France? 😆

    They want to charge a tax on what basis? They want money for nothing.

    The roads they build for Google? The healthcare they provide to Google?
    Yet it's citizens use products for free and can use competitors if they wish.

    😒 Remember the Boston Tea Party?
    Taxation without representation.
    Aug 23 18
    • New / Design ninjagu
      Is it wrong to repeat the notion of fair?

      The more fair we make our laws for people and companies (and how it is applied), the better it is for everyone as as long as the laws are applied as equally as possible.

      So long as it isn’t, you dance to the music too.

      The legal rules created by govt officials are heavily influenced by corporate interests.

      I do agree with limiting the powers of govt, deciding on what those limits are will be a lengthy discussion.

      We need new ideas and a new, better form of govt that serves the people vs the current system that’s easily influenced.

      For example, creating a Science Council that holds powers similar to the Supreme Court on issues like climate change so politicians and corporations can’t bend facts and ignore evidence-based empirical data.

      The govt also needs to be accountable to metrics, basically the govt needs to be run more like a private enterprise to reduce some serious waste.

      Starting with metrics and establishing them to hold departments accountable can be a start to improving things like the damn DMV. If wait times increase, then someone’s not doing their job good enough.

      Fees keep going up, damnit the govt is inefficient, someone’s needs to go, etc.

      We could go on :-)
      Aug 24
    • Amazon 🤔... 🤯
      I think we agree more than disagree.
      Especially in the way that government implements things should itself change.

      I agree with a science based approach could be better. But what is consider true science, which is always questioning the building blocks. Experimenting with tests and using data prior to determining a conclusion.
      Aug 24
    • Amazon 🤔... 🤯
      A tangent: I stumbled on a ted talk which echos how I feel about some of science being a religion itself. The big bang accepted as a creation of everything out of nothing is the best we have, but comical. This guy discusses how universal constants, such as the speed of light change over time. They never mentioned these things in physics class 🙄, because it is constant by definition.

      Maybe that is what is meant by Wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey stuff.
      Aug 24
    • New / Design ninjagu
      Great TED talk, we should always question everything and improve upon what we know.

      Also Big Bang totally agree I always question it with a twist. Our universe was probably creating by a supermassive black hole that exploded under it’s sheer gravity, etc.

      So technically it was created but it also always existed.

      Beyond it could be other universes that depends on how such black holes exploded and the position / make up of stars, black holes, matter, etc. could have very different physics / science as he explains, the constants could change (already deviate slightly) and if so, science itself will have to be learned/applied differently.

      Great link 👏🏼
      Aug 24
    • New / Design ninjagu
      Just made the connection with your username as well 🤣
      Aug 24
  • Amazon / Mgmt Db8db4
    What the hell is the "common good"? We even have trouble defining commons sense.
    Aug 23 0
  • Garmin / Eng giwA26
    Google should tell France to get rekt, but they won't
    Aug 23 0
  • Lyft done2
    Google should be broken up and forced to bring reader back. That was a more civil age
    Aug 23 2
    • Amazon 🤠== 8
      We can go back to paper maps and encyclopedias 😁
      Aug 23
    • Lyft done2
      You could, and I’m not even recommend it. Totally unrelated to what we’re talking about here of course
      Aug 23
  • Microsoft tfsUEwWt
    France and Lagarde are clueless.
    Aug 23 0
  • Amazon / Eng KHCr70
    I want 6 weeks of vacation too
    Aug 23 0