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Macquarie Freeintern
Jul 4 8 Comments

Hi all,

Im not sure if anyone is interested but I’m offering my time for free (I won’t turn down money) to any small startups working on some cool projects and need additional help.

Why would I do such a thing? I’m currently working for myself. The projects i’m doing are not challenging or don’t require a lot of time but I still really want to learn and grow.

A little bit about me, I have a finance/econ degree from a good University in Australia(not sure if this matters). I worked at Macquarie Bank for a couple of years in the Financial Services division but have now moved to HK. I have a keen interest in the crypto market. 3YOE.

If anyone is interested, please send me a message.


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  • Google


    Nothing is free.
    Jul 4 0
  • Indeed *NDEED
    Plenty of open source projects looking for free help
    Jul 4 0
  • Yelp / Eng sJJv80
    Unpaid internships are largely illegal in the US. No sensible company will take you up on this. Besides, this reeks of desperation. If you’re good enough, you can freelance for money and still grow your skills.
    Jul 4 2
    • / Other
      Punani Other

      Good point. Something doesn't smell right here
      Jul 4
    • Macquarie Freeintern
      I can agree with that
      Jul 4
  • ServiceNow / Eng Kopq33
    I'm voluntarily lowering the value of my labor for me and everyone else. You're welcome!
    Jul 4 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    So basically you want to charge your company for work done to other company. ?
    Jul 4 0
  • Skills?
    Jul 4 0