Friend just got some bad news, looking for referrals.

Google / EngNeopets😍
Apr 16 23 Comments

My friend was on an extension for contract work at JPM, but somehow he was told that tomorrow is his last day. He’s a great engineer.

Is there any way someone could help with a referral somewhere? I would greatly appreciate it, as would he. We’re trying every venue.

Thank you for any time you take to respond to this.

They’re SWE skill set.

Location: NYC, he can also relocate to CA, or NJ.

He has about 4 years of experience in Python and Java. He worked contract at Google and was employed at Accenture before as well.


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TOP 23 Comments
  • Oath / MgmtAtinlay2
    Your friend should come ask for himself
    Apr 162
    • Google / EngNeopets😍
      Yes. He would, and I’m sure he will. But it was a 24 hour notice, and he’s devastated. I’m trying to help him out.
      Apr 16
    • Apparently Oath / Mgmt takes issues when people post on behalf of their friends. He/she provides zero answers on the topic.

      But hey, it’s a free world. People are free to choose between being helpful and being critical (and digressing from the topic)
      Apr 18
  • Google /
    He worked at Google before and you seem to currently work at Google. Why not refer him yourself? Sounds like a no-brainer.

    If that doesn’t work out, why not have him go back as a contractor at Google? Better than being unemployed.
    Apr 165
    • Northrop Grumman / EngHowCouldYu
      ^ this
      Apr 16
    • Google / EngNeopets😍
      He didn’t get in FTE, has to wait until July.

      Also, contracting just doesn’t work like that at Google man.
      Apr 16
    • Google /
      What do you mean? I admit I’m not a contractor but I used to manage a small TVC (vendor) team so I’d like to believe I’m pretty familiar with the temp/vendor onboarding process. Former TVCs can easily come back assuming they did a great job last time.
      Apr 16
    • Google / EngNeopets😍
      I didn’t know this. How does the process work though?
      Apr 17
    • Google /
      Just contact your old manager, ask if there are currently any TVC openings. If your old manager wants you back, he/she can make arrangements with xWS or vendor solutions teams.
      Apr 20
  • I am hiring in Northern VA for Amazon. DM your friends LinkedIn if interested
    Apr 163
    • Are you hiring data scientist as well, by any chance?
      Apr 16
    • Not on my team but I know there are teams that do; you can lookup online and see if there are opportunities
      Apr 17
    • New / Eng_Python3
      Are you still hiring?
      May 12
  • Salesforce osii
    Pmd u
    Apr 162
  • Update with location and skillset in the description, easier for people to read that way. We are hiring mid level engineers in NY. PM if you need referral
    Apr 161
  • Postmates / Other


    Wikimedia Foundation
    Thinking about thinking 🤔
    What level of experience and what role/where on the stack? I’m looking for fte backend to infra focus 5+ yrs no visas
    Apr 161
    • Google / EngNeopets😍
      He has about 4 years of back end experience. Python, Java strong. He is a US citizen.
      Apr 16
  • Slalom Consulting / ITjfbr56
    What’s his/her skill set?
    Apr 161
  • Credit Karma Roa
    Try creditkarma dm me if interested
    Apr 200

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