Friend looking for an Indian contact in the US - Job search and work status

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Jan 22 4 Comments

A friend of mine is looking for Indian workers in the US who can guide him a little wrt work status.

He recently graduated from Uni of Missouri in MEng and is looking at applying to operations roles at high growth companies. He worked with Uber and Amazon in India before the masters.

Please let me know if you can help.


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  • U mean Apache or Cheyenne or Navajo or Lakota ?
    Jan 22 2
    • Facebook
      They are native Americans you ignorant tool.
      Jan 22
    • Facebook lookie
      I don’t understand @Oath

      Edit: No. not natives. I’m talking about someone from the south Asian country - India
      Jan 22
  • American Tire Distributors / IT

    American Tire Distributors IT

    American Tire Distributors
    DM me. I m hiring at Amazon.
    Sep 21 0


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