From Mobile technology to Web and Backend

Chase / Eng (o´・_・)っ
May 17 3 Comments

Not sure how many of you had experienced such a change in the past but I recently changed my group/team and with it my technologies also changed. Earlier I was a mobile developer and now I have jumped into a web app development role which may later change into a backend position development 🗣️. This realization of changing technology is eating me from inside because now I left something that I was extremely great at (8 YOE in mobile) just because of ...... and that I moved from mobile technology to web/backend. Even though web may have it's own perks but imo moving away from mobile development seems like a wrong move at this point because I was extremely good at it and it's exciting and it's getting better slowly(note - still I hate java coding in Android, I'd rather use Kotlin). Just thinking about such a change have left me anxious, shaky and alone in the dark.. Did I made a bad decision? I know it adds up to my resume and that somehow I can pull it off but still this fear in my pit. What am I to do with it? Any sage level suggestions based on your experiences?


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  • Groupon l33tc0der
    It seems like you are very passionate about mobile. Nothing is stopping you from moving back or moving to another company.
    May 17 1
    • Chase / Eng (o´・_・)っ
      Yes I'm very passionate about mobile but I like to do things the right way from the start. Reasons to change were ....
      May 17
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    In my experience doing mobile for over a decade, where mobile is a product fit, it tends to grow more, faster, and with a higher conversion rate than web.

    Plenty of places have moved to Kotlin for Android development, or are in the process of migrating.

    But, I may be biased, I gave up on web development back during the browser wars.
    May 17 0


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