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10years of experience in IT industry as software engineer. I have been trading for almost 10 years apart from day job. I am interested working for hedge fund or bank as a technical trader that reads charts and trades based of that. Can anyone help in companies that have such positions or interested in hiring non-mba background but experienced technical trader (CMT thinking of taking this exam, not sure if that will help) - lost as to where to look for such positions as I couldn’t find anything and any direction would help me pursue my passion


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  • Google SaintSaëns
    Your technical charting voodoo will be arbed to dust by modern algos. Good luck, mate. To answer the question - I would recommend top prop shops, followed by S&T at banks, and execution roles in HFs. Both MBA and CMT are useless in trading, as years of proven risk-adjusted PnL at size are all that matter.
    Jun 1 1
  • New / Eng archervice
    TA is withcraft. No good firm uses it as the sole trading strategy. Learn to do actual analysis, then do S&T if you want to do boring menial jobs like enter trades. If you're smart enough, apply to market maker prop shops, like Belvedere, Jane St, Citadel, etc.

    GL mate.
    Jun 1 1
    • Super Micro Computer blinds2019
      S&T - sales and trading?
      What roles do I have to look for prop shops? Sorry I am from IT background and have been using TA for years. This is new to me. Don’t mind doing the research if I could be pointed to right direction.
      Jun 3
  • New / Finance PMP232
    Sadly HF do not want TA. No one wants/needs TA. I agree with the Algo comment. Best strategy in your case is to stick to what you’re doing. If capital is an issue, trade on margin. If you want higher returns, sign up for Minervini’s platform. And if you really want to be a full time trader, open your own shop. And if you do, feel free to hire me!
    Jun 1 1
  • New / Finance TeamRedF1
    How much of your TA can you automate? If you can automate most/ all of it, then program that. You now have a trading algo with a human component as a backstop. TA isn’t what’s sexy on Wall St now, but algo trading is. The thing is, in a lot of cases they’re extremely similar.

    I invest in HF so I sign NDAs and look under the hood and this is very much the case.
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