Frugality at Amazon

Microsoft JackMa876
Feb 9 14 Comments

There has been so much talked about frugality at Amazon. Trying to size up the perks that you miss there compared to Microsoft. The 401k and espp are two big items I noticed. About $10k net impact annual.

Swags have dried up at even Microsoft, but that is not worth more than a couple of hundred dollars a year tops.

How about your health benefits? Do you have to pay premiums for self and family ?

In terms of hardware budget, do you feel constrained in anyway to get the necessary hardware to get work done ?


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  • Amazon ConorMcGre
    Why is Microsoft so obsessed with Amazon? This feels like a trend on Blind where a bunch of Microsofties do the best to prove themselves over Amazon... Meanwhile while Amazonians look forward to Google or complain about Amazon policies, we don't nearly hate on Microsoft back because we frankly don't care..and a big portion of us (including me) are happy at Amazon. Things are getting better.

    Microsoft is salty because they aren't part of the FAANG club.
    Feb 9 5
    • Google Mmkaay
      The hate I have seen from Amazonians towards Microsoft on this platform is unbelievable
      Feb 9
    • MobileIron loom
      Befoz gets all the money to enjoy with ... from 🐒
      Feb 9
    • Amazon / Eng cayde
      MSFT looking to AMZN and AMZN looking to GOOG is definitely a trend I've noticed. I want to work at Google so bad. But I actually think I'm better off at AMZN for at least another 2 years due to being on a sexy ML project.
      Feb 9
    • Microsoft jaiaydnaka
      Msft looks to Amazon ???? I left Amazon for msft. They are same tiered ... If their stock doesn't keep growing they will move below Microsoft in my books. That's the only "perk".
      Feb 9
    • Amazon ConorMcGre
      ^How do those lemons 🍋 taste? Curious because I can only speak on bananas 🍌.
      Feb 9
  • Salesforce rbfjtkfn
    Amazon died for me as company when during the interview one of the interviewers told me that you allowed to bring your own hardware and that what he does because the one provided by amazon is crap. It was 4 years ago.
    Feb 9 2
    • Microsoft ezpzgc
      But you would've made enough to buy a small hardware company with Amazon stocks
      Feb 9
    • Salesforce rbfjtkfn
      Possibly true, but who would knew :)
      Feb 9
  • Microsoft ibSs75
    I moved to amazon from Microsoft after 10 years. I really like amazon but Here is my take on what you give up

    Full 401k matching (about 5.5k diff)
    Medical - for full family - (about 3.6k, but depends on how you use it. In some cases Amazon coverage is better for max out of pocket)
    Espp (about 2.5k)
    Parking: 2k

    Other intangibles:
    401k is shittier (No back door Roth IRA, no brokerage link, vesting after 3 years, poor choice of funds,etc)

    Other stuff that are easy/cheap to solve, but are an annoyance:
    No free sodas
    No milk in some places for coffee
    Not a lot of swag/morale events (there are, but not as much)
    No Microsoft keyboard/mousewhich are awesome
    Monitors are shitty if you are Not a dev

    Things that are better
    Younger and more energetic crowd
    Less politics and BS
    No PowerPoint-led software/architecture
    Better and more consistent coding practices and tools
    A lot more openings to move around or experiment with management
    More consistent hiring bar and managers that cannot override bar raisers
    Ability to interview for higher level
    Feeling that you are relevant - if any of your tier1 service goes down, literally the entire world will feel it
    Feb 9 0
  • Microsoft vznX62
    Amazon is a retail giant first. All retailers are misers and treat employees as shit. So, join Amazon just for resume value. There is nothing else left. They do provide 4 years of generous stock options. But try their best to kick you out in 2 years. They are a misers and miserable company.
    Feb 9 2
    • Microsoft ibSs75
      This is not accurate at all. We kick only low performers and TC is set for the first 4 years, so whoever leaves after 2 years does it for different reasons. Actually, in the last 3-4 years due to stock appreciation it is better to stay so you can reap the stocks given during sign in.

      I think Microsoft is a great place to work but so is amazon and the other big companies. Whoever thinks otherwise has been drinking the cool aid too much
      Feb 9
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      Amazon, Microsoft, Google, HBO, Bridgewater Associates, Grab, Dropbox, Airbnb, Alibaba, Baidu
      Not true. Like any company there is shitty spots and bright spots. At Amazon most people don't have job security as their top concern. I was once told by a tenured Amazonian that there could be good days and shitty days but never a boring day.
      Apr 7
  • SpaceX uevh5
    Everything mentioned plus health care cost much more, less holidays and less vacation, you pay for parking after enjoying the Seattle traffic...
    Feb 9 0


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