New quPh50
Mar 9 8 Comments

I was contacted by a recruiter from a company called Fungible last week. How are they doing? Are they good? How is the compensation for someone with 5y experience in software? I heard its founded by Juniper founder. Any good?


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  • Indeed ackxhpaez
    Nothing special. Easily replaceable
    Mar 9 2
    • New quPh50
      Mar 9
    • Facebook / R&D

      Facebook R&D

      Definition per company name, ackx was making a joke
      Mar 9
  • Bossa Nova Robotics HalNTuring
    They could go here or there.
    Mar 9 0
  • Juniper / Eng YKXz70
    Yes, that's a Juniper founder. They are still on a stealth mode so no real information what they do, only some guesses.
    Mar 10 1
    • Intel / Eng 007agt
      AI hw accelerator with PCI-E card
      Mar 10
  • Amazon / Eng jNeo42
    The perfect name for Amazon. And its employees.
    Mar 12 0
  • Intel / Eng 007agt
    I had an interview with Fungible few years ago. It seems the open reqs because of attrition.
    Mar 9 0


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