Funny bridge burning

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Howdy, Blinders, just want to share my story.

I landed to at job at startup 6 months ago (TC ~ 400K - salary+stocks and a sign-up, which I should pay back if I will leave in 1 year, pretty standard terms). Unfortunately, I got a workaholic boss. Two weeks passed, and he called me and said, that when he was starting on his job here, he worked 16 hours per day to catch up faster. I said, that it was his choice, and I really admire his dedication, but I really do not see myself doing more that I was obliged in contract (with some exceptions in case of emergency). Long story short, 90 days passed (they was full of 1-on-1's with unhappy boss, his comments about his uncertainty about my capabilities), and I was told that I failed probation. CTO (it's a skip-level boss) invited me to meeting, where he said that they can offer me position in another team with lower salary. I said no, I'm not going to reduce my expectations, we talked a little bit, with HR involved. They said that they will offer me the same compensation, but I need to quit and join again to be on probation again (it's was because of their internal policies). I said ok. So, I'm leaving by mutual agreement, joining again, passing probation on another team. But I felt really not happy - it was like I lost excitement about this company (and lost 3 month of vesting, etc... ). So, I opened my contract, and it turned out that I can leave without paying back sign-up (because of mutual agreement leaving). So I left.

Well. It was really hot there, HR was trying to convince my to return bonus, then she was ok if I return only half of that. CTO was angry (or pretended to be), promised bad references.

But... I was doing legal thing here. What do you think? Was this fair?


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  • Microsoft Vbsm66
    You're not the instigator here, they're the unreasonable ones. Take the signing bonus, it legally belongs to you.
    Oct 9 0
  • Panasonic Avionics

    Panasonic Avionics

    I do sales. I sell stuff. It’s what I do.
    Name and shame!
    Oct 9 1
    • OP
      Well, I can, but it can certainly backfire. I do not want any further escalation here.
      Oct 10
  • Splunk span=1m
    They can't give'bad' references safely. It turns into slander. do you really want to stay at this company, with this culture either people this immature?
    Oct 9 0
  • Scientific Technologies Corporat / IT psilocybic
    did you document the CTO's threat of giving a bad reference? that could be solid legal leverage in the event that he does in fact try to. then they pay a settlement plus your sign-on. That's what happens when you are dumb/sloppy with contracts and you are an asshole.
    Oct 9 1
    • OP
      Nope, I did not. Thanks for advice!
      Oct 10
  • NVIDIA acfm
    What’s the startup industry?
    Oct 9 1
  • Postmates trolley
    Fuck them
    Oct 9 0
  • PayPal XuAu54
    What kind of startup gives 400k TC? Are you counting options as real money?
    Oct 9 1
    • OP
      Yep, it's 160k base and the rest is options valued on previous round.
      Oct 9


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