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ON Semiconductor / Eng chip_monk
Sep 19 27 Comments

What is the future of hardware going to be like? Most folks are going into software now even EE guys. With Moore’s law reaching its EOL, is the future uncertain?
What is goimg to be the emerging field? SOCs, ASICs, ?

I know most of the big software companies are going in on designing their own SOCs now. eg Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft..

Any insights from those in the industry will be appreciated.


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    • Apple toplad
      How are they ruining the industry? Examples?
      Sep 19
  • AMD / R&D EPYC'er
    Architecture will be more important than ever. I'm not convinced even the big players will have sufficient scale to make custom chips viable.

    It's a more exciting time to be in hardware than ever.
    Sep 19 2
    • Microsoft Raiders!
      x86 cpu’s no. But anything below they are already doing ala Apple.
      Sep 19
    • AMD / Eng UncleChips
      Sep 19
  • Intel / Eng mr_pleb
    I think AI brings some fresh air in the hw field. Lots of new companies are designing radically different chips: in memory computing, wafer scale chip, very low power, very high power. Not all of them will succeed but this explosion of creativity will move the field forward.

    I started hearing more hw leaders admitting the importance of sw which is healthy if it translates into action.
    Sep 19 0
  • Facebook MYKt61
    H/w is very global and competitive -- just look at intel's stock price over the last 18 years since the tech bubble 1.0. But there are growth areas. S/w is currently taking advantage of very low h/w and internet costs and there are several high growth areas. You can still enjoy h/w, but you'll need to pick the high growth areas that are least affected by China (e.g. China/Huawei killed telecom, even as it became more important and the driver for much of mobile -- except mobile processors). I wouldn't count on the big webscale companies to bail out the electronics industry --- just look at the size of their capex -- but they may contribute to some high growth areas like TPU, where there may be a moat against China competition (like Qualcomm was for a time).
    Sep 19 0
  • TI / Product ucc
    Hardware, including silicon/semiconductor in general, isn’t going away. We live in a physical world.

    However, it is a commoditized industry. The margins are lower, snd you actually have to sell something tangible in order to make money (as opposed to ad revenue, media rights, etc.).

    The jobs do not pay as well as in SW. Old school leadership can also make it less appealing, as mentioned above.
    Sep 19 0
  • Google Lenet
    No future
    Sep 19 0
  • Apple metafor
    Now that we can’t rely on just new nodes, custom architectures will become ever more important. Which means the design process needs to be faster at iterating. I’m personally excited about the likes of Catapult or Chisel for silicon design. It’d bring some much needed reuse and configuration ability to the aging and imperfect SystemVerilog
    Sep 19 0
  • Intel iSpyPi
    As someone who works in the area of extending Moore’s law, it’s very exciting. We will not be able to scale the same way forever, which means all kinds of interesting new innovations are happening in silicon, some revolutionary new concepts in the works.
    Sep 19 0
  • Samsung / Strategy bcdn07
    Innovation is moving from chip design to packaging, which previously was a no differentiation, outsourced stage of the the value chain. That is enabling advances in performance without having to shrink node size aggressively. HW folks are an innovative bunch :)
    Sep 19 0
  • Microsoft c+oi-phish
    Sep 19 0
  • Microsoft / Mktg kQfm10
    RISC-V or gtfo
    Sep 19 0
  • Intel 1090SC
    From a SW engineer standpoint - both of the worlds will have to evolve.
    Sep 23 1
    • Intel iSpyPi
      Can’t wait for SWEs to figure out how to slow down HW even more by adding more layers of abstraction and overhead to simple tasks.
      Sep 23
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Lockheed Martin
    Hardware and chip design will always be there, but the days of having a chip startup are dead.
    Sep 22 1
  • Microsoft c+oi-phish
    Sep 19 2
    • Microsoft / Eng InsideGate
      That's so Microsoft. Answer to any question irrespective of what is being asked is Azure
      Sep 19
    • Microsoft c+oi-phish
      It's the best answer, we're using open hardware so anyone can participate in the engineering process. Go to opencompute.org to learn more.
      Sep 20
  • Cisco / Product

    Cisco Product

    Check barefoot networks
    Sep 27 0
  • Intel 1090SC
    In the post 5G and post AI world - HW + sw stacks will be more important than ever.

    Denards scaling will be more important than ever. (Aka Moore’s Law). There is a difference however - we are going from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional scaling, aligning.

    It’s an interesting time to see how the localized products will behave.
    Sep 23 0
  • If hw stops so as SW. HW is who keeps software giants profitable otherwise why are they buying xeons, EPYC or GPUs. ?
    Sep 20 0
  • Intel fwDf64
    Sep 20 2
    • ON Semiconductor / Eng chip_monk
      What’s going on in intel. Why run when your company always like 1million job openings all year round.
      Sep 20
    • Intel / Eng mr_pleb
      Cause everybody ruuuuuns !!!
      Sep 20
  • Samsung / Other de_danadan
    Lots of things coming I think. But yes as someone commented about the old school way needs to go... holding everyone back
    Sep 26 0


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