GC on F1 visa

Credit Karma MrPichai
Jul 4 7 Comments

Didn't got my H1B again and on OPT-STEM. I am from backlogged country India, and I have read somewhere but don't know if true -
1. Read something like file I-140 with some more docs and you can get EAD and Advanced Parole & then I don't need visa. Is it possible?
2. If possible, is it recommended?


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  • Not possible since you are born in India. You will not get EAD since your date will never become current.
    Jul 4 0
  • Facebook move fast&
    You can file I-140 and get your priority date. You will not be able to travel out of the country. You will still need the visa to stay past opt timeline and to get GC
    Jul 4 5
    • Credit Karma MrPichai
      I see. Then it's not recommended it feels cz getting H1B is problem. Not getting lucky 2 times. I am Ph.D & can go for EB-1 but EB-1 is also backlogged and won't become current in next 1.5 years.
      Credit Karma doesn't relocate employees to international offices :(
      Jul 4
    • Microsoft tru3863
      Said to see your scenario. Even after PhD you have to leave country.
      Jul 4
    • Microsoft sillyboi
      PhD doesn't mean eb1 at all.
      Jul 4
    • Credit Karma MrPichai
      @sillyboi I know Ph.D not equals EB-1 by default but I have a patent and some papers published and am pretty sure attorneys can make a strong case for my EB-1
      Jul 4
    • Microsoft oMAG58
      This is why we need merit-based system for H1B and not some lottery crap.
      Jul 5


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