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First Republic / Eng bazoooka
Jun 12 17 Comments

Who is the forerunner in cloud platform among them? Is there anyway to get a list of companies that are using each them respectively?


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  • Microsoft shambu
    AWS is the forerunner in size, Google's the forerunner in terms of pure technology, Microsoft's the forerunner in terms of SaaS ecosystem
    Jun 12 4
    • Google rafaNadal
      Nailed it!
      Jun 12
    • Amazon vbzzsf
      In what ways is google further ahead of Amazon in terms of pure technology? I am not really familiar with their product.
      Jun 12
    • Facebook / Eng mturtle
      Google is not first in tech. They just say that all the time in hopes that will somehow make it true.
      Jun 12
    • Microsoft it.
      Social networks
      Facebook is the forerunner in terms of number of users, workload, ad revenue, share etc.
      Google+ is the forerunner in terms of pure technology 😂
      Jun 12
  • Amazon 🍩 donut
    Name 3 companies building and innovating on Azure that you would be excited to join.

    (ex Amazonian here)

    Azure has muddled their cloud numbers in with 365, needless to say they’re doing well and competition is good for the market. However I don’t think anyone doing anything fun is on Azure, it’s mostly enterprises with monolithic workloads for the most part.
    Jun 12 7
  • Microsoft ImAwesome
    OCI is on track to outgrow them in 3 years
    Jun 12 1
    • Microsoft shambu
      🤣🤣 you are awesome
      Jun 12
  • Amazon


    Amazon, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Apple
    Look for customer stories at their websites. Also read about their marketshare in the news.
    Jun 12 1
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      ^ this
      Jun 12


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